Northern Ecuador Andes Tour

Welcome to Ecuador, the country that began our love affair with South America, and the place the we continue to return to year after year.

A small country in the Northwest corner of  South America with big appeal!  Why?  Its people, its beauty, its rich diverse eco systems, World Heritage sites, Colonial cities, beaches & mountains & rain forests & Amazon & Galapagos to name but a few.

Bordered by Colombia to the north, Peru to the east and the south, and the Pacific Ocean to the west, and includes the Pacific archipelago of the Galapagos Islands. The Ecuadoran mainland is divided into three main physical regions: the Costa (coastal region), the Sierra (highland region), and the Oriente (eastern region).

Much of what is now Ecuador came to be included in the Inca empire, the largest political unit of pre-Columbian America, and still has a thriving indigenous cultures today.  First time visitors can't help but come away with a new understanding and appreciation for other cultures and the beauty of this planet.


Northern Ecuador Tour

March 1 - 10, 2023

Northern Ecuador is a major textile, leather, woodworking, and artisan hub.  The Otavalo indigenous market is the highlight of any trip, but the area offers so much more to experience.

By reserving your space through placing your deposit with us, you are agreeing to our stated policies written in our Agreement.

Full payment can be made below, or an option to place a $500 charge immediately as deposit, and billed for the balance.

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Tour Essentials

Small Groups

SAGA Tours is a "smaller than small" Group Tour Company.  What's this you ask?  Well, typically in Tourism 'small group' is a minimum of 10 per tour & max of 24.

At SAGA we have NO minimum & we max out around 10, maybe 12, typically 8.  😉

The smaller group sizes allows for deeper connections with the like minded souls on our tours, and also to "plug into" different  local events that we might find out about, spur of the moment.


Accommodation is a local hotel in Cotacachi, our home base for this tour.  If you book a twin share room and are traveling solo, you’ll be paired with someone of the same gender.


The tour takes place at altitudes of between 6,000 and 12,000 feet in the Andes.  You will fly into the capital city, Quito, and climbing hotel stairs at 10,500 ft msl will have your heart racing & let you know your not in Kansas any more.

You will also be on your feet for long periods of time, 2 to 3 hours is not uncommon.  The trek around Cuicocha will take around 5 hours to complete with a 1,000 foot elevation change, but we will take our time & make lots of stops - so we think you can do it.  🙂


A good portion of our trip we’ll travel via public transportation; buses, vans, llama?  We will also have access to a private van when public transportation does not make sense.  We will also use our FEET...when the llama is not available.  🙂

Local Guides

Most of our guides we know personally, and all of them were basically born & raised locally.  We will always have someone in the group that speak Spanish, & often more than one guide will accompany us.

We connect with our local guides through a WhatsApp Group Chat, that lets us know about spontaneous activities taking place around the area that we may want to see, or other non-itinerary activity that helps to ensure that the trip is as memorable, fun, and informative as possible.


The food is as FRESH & LOCAL as you've ever eaten.  Grown in rich, volcanic soils.

It is NOT always possible to accommodate all dietary restrictions.  Many familiar brands are not available.  Alcohol is not included.

Most meals are included, as noted, but there are opportunities for you to do a little exploring for a meal or two.  🙂

Yes, all guests will be required to have travel insurance for the duration of the trip. We’ll be asking for proof before departure. If you don’t have it, you won’t be able to continue on the tour.

If you require a visa to enter any of these destinations, you’ll need to get that in advance at your own expense. We do not offer any help in this area.

All our tours have lots of walking tours involved that last between 2-3 hours each. While there is no strenuous hiking involved on this tour, you should be prepared to be on your feet a lot.

Yes, you’ll be required to fill out and sign a liability waiver releasing us from any and all liability related to the tour.

We understand plans change. Deposits are refundable up to 30 days after purchase. They can be transferred once in a calendar year to another tour. (You have to do so within 90 days.) Balance payments are due 31 days after purchase. Cancelations made between 90 – 60 days before the tour start date: 50% refund of the balance amount (the deposit is not included in the refund). Cancelations made between 59 – 0 days before the tour start date: 0% refund of the balance amount.

Of course! We hate tours that book every minute of your day. While we will be busy, there will also be plenty of time for you to explore on your own. Travel is about adventure and discovery, so we emphasize that on our tours. We want you to see stuff that interests you specifically.

Our guides will be on hand to give you suggestions, help you decide what to do, and be around. If you want to go off on your own, we get that. We want you to explore and break out of your comfort zone! Our guides are here to help and, after you join the tour, you’ll be sent a list of potential activities you can do on your own.

The Tourism Industry defines 'small group' as minimum of 10 person per tour & maximum of 24. 

At SAGA we have NO minimum.  This is our life first, then a business.  If a conscious soul wants a tour we will be more than happy to show them around & help them make connections.

Tour Itenerary

  • Day 1

    You can arrive any time today. Our guide will be around to welcome you and answer any questions that you have. We’ll meet for an orientation meeting in the early evening before taking you to one of our favorite spots in Mexico City for a welcome dinner.

  • Day 2

    Enter description text here.You can arrive any time today. Our guide will be around to welcome you and answer any questions that you have. We’ll meet for an orientation meeting in the early evening before taking you to one of our favorite spots in Mexico City for a welcome dinner.

  • Day 3

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  • Day 4

    Enter description text here.

  • Day 5

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  • Day 6

    Enter description text here.

  • Day 7

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