Finding a bus from Puebla to Taxco Mexico

Puebla Capu Bus Terminal

Finding a bus from Puebla to Taxco Mexico turned out a little more difficult than we expected.

Puebla Capu Bus Terminal

We couldn’t find any good information about taking a bus from Puebla to Taxco online.  What information we did find wasn’t very good or was outdated, pre-pandemic. We’ve taken several buses in Mexico in the month that we’ve been here, and our process is to just show up around the time we want to leave and then buy a ticket. This has worked just fine for us , but because there was almost no information available online, we decided to take the 15 minute city bus ride from our hotel to the bus terminal to a day ahead of time to get the lay of the land and get everything sorted out.

Glad we did.

When we arrived at the Terminal Capu we decided to start at ADO simply because this is the bus company that we have predominately used previously. They did not have buses running from Puebla to Taxco, but pointed us to Futura. I had read that they had a bus running to Taxco, but it was unclear what days and times it departed, and in fact, whether they were still operating this route. The gentleman at the Futura counter told us that they did not have a bus running, and pointed us to the ORO bus company across the terminal.

Three is the charm

We had only been in the bus terminal for less that 10 minutes, and already we were headed to our 3rd company. 3 is the charm? Nope!! The lady at the ORO counter told us they did not have a bus running to Taxco and told us to go to ADO. When we told her we had already been there, she asked a colleague & they decided that Futura was the bus company for us. Again we told them that we had already spoken to them and they told us to come see you, but they insisted that we head back to Futura.

We did.

Futura bus counter

We decided to try a different person this time, hoping to have better luck with a new Futura bus company representative. And after several back and forths, we finally figured out that while they do not have a bus that runs direct to Taxco, the do have a bus that makes a few trips a day to Iguala, which is 34 km from Taxco.


Our final plan

Our plans are to take the 2:00 pm bus from Puebla Capu bus terminal to Iguala Guerrero, arriving around 5pm. We are still uncertain how exactly we will get from Iguala to our final destination of Taxco, we will just have to figure it out once we arrive at the Iguala bus terminal. The worse case is that we have to take a taxi the final leg, but we are hoping that there are smaller buses or collectivos heading in that direction. Time will tell.

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