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Meet the Salazar Family; Dad Israel, Mom Samanta, Adrian with the ball cap, & his sister Renata, and Tuza & Blakey the guard chihuahua’s. They are from Puebla, Mexico on the mainland, but we had the pleasure of meeting them at Playa Tecolote outside of La Paz when they set up shop down the beach from us and started cooking shrimp hamburgers.

Never had a Shrimp Hamburger? Neither had we & we certainly weren’t expecting this type of gastronomic masterpiece when we pulled into the playa to boondock for the weekend. Wholly molly, what a burger! Gina says its the best burger she has ever eaten, & I certainly would not argue with that culinary wisdom.

No Joke, we walked away from our first experience a little weak-kneed back to the truck camper, both shaking our heads, trying to make sense of what we just ate…& the beautiful family that made this memorable meal, in a memorable location, out of a customized Blue 1978 VW Van.

This is the reason we travel!

Economic Tourism Collapse

Like many areas around the globe, Baja California was crushed by the closing of the United States & Canadian borders. We were fortunate enough to spend 5 months in Baja last winter & saw the economic struggles first hand, where usually there were Canadians, nada! Empty beaches, empty RV parks, empty rentals.

The biggest difference we see between “poor countries” & their rich neighbors is the lack of ‘safety nets’ when things don’t go according to plan. It’s difficult for a young family any time, but when the economic carpet is pulled out from under you it is near impossible to find the space to take a breath and crisis mode takes over. This is no way to live.

Sean & Gina destroying a couple Shrimp Burgers.

Hey, who took this picture of us? LOL

We did not know this picture of us existed until Adrian wrote us to share his family’s current situation & history. Adrian is an amazing young man! Besides being a ray of light with a smile that will melt your heart, he has many talents, including tracking down strangers on social media. Here is the message that Adrian sent us:

hello, I’m Adrian the son of the blue van that sells shrimp empanadas on Tecolote beach in Baja remember me?
I tell you our story
we are a family of 6, my dad Israel Salazar 36 years old, my mom Samanta Jurado 36 years old, my sister Renata 8 years old, Tuza and Blaky 5 and 3 years old my pets and I adrian I am 13 years old
we are from Puebla, in Mexico, we migrated to La Paz Baja in November 2020 in our van year 1978
it is an old van that we have had many mechanical and aesthetic problems with it, it has broken down many times but we love it very much, it is broken now and we can not go to work, my dad thinks about selling it, but we love the beach
I learned to do magic tricks, with which I like to do tricks to tourists and have a tip to buy candys and video games
when we left Puebla we sold everything we had except the van
I would like your help to make a gofundme to raise funds and make it work again since in my country it does not work
make possible our dream of having a small restaurant in La Paz Baja and never having to sell the van
we rent a house In La Paz and my sister and I go to school, she in third year of primary school and I in second year of secondary school
sorry for the translation use google translate and thank you very much, I hope news soon

I forgot my dad, my grandfather and I built the van, that’s why it’s important to us

How YOU can help

It is not possible to create a GoFundMe account as a resident of Mexico. We did not know that, but turns out that there are only a few countries that they are authorized to do business. Sean & Gina have set up the Help the Salazar family repair their VW Van GoFundMe page, we will help raise funds for the family & then figure out a way to get the funds to the family. Times are tough for everyone & if giving funds is not within your budget, please consider sharing the Salazar Family story with friends & family that may be in a better economic position to help, or simply give the family some love & positive blessings. We appreciate taking the time to read.

With love,

Sean & Gina

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