30 Day Baja Sunrise & Sunset Challenge

Truth be told we’ve been getting a little comfortable in the last few weeks, living in an Airbnb in Cabo San Lucas for Christmas, and hanging out by the pool and playing pickleball in an RV park in Los Barriles.  In both places we have lived in the center of town within easy walking distance of the beach, groceries, and anything else we might need while living in a box on a truck.

Living the dream you might say…

This has us more ‘people and city focused’ than it does, ‘nature and wildlife focused’.  Gina has a running count in her head of all the different species of wildlife we see each day, and our daily average has dropped significantly in the past few weeks.

But our time here in Los Barriles, a veritable mecca of kitesurfing and pickleball Norte Americanos, is quickly coming to an end, and with the last 30 days we spend in The Baja our hope is to get back to spending more of our time and focus on wild places and untamed animals. 

To help us get up and moving and out of the box a little earlier every day, we came up with the idea of challenging ourselves to see the next 30 sunrises and sunsets for our last month in The Baja.  This will also provide us with a little bit of a challenge and a goal to reach each day.  We also ensure ourselves that at least twice (2x) times per day we will be aware and present in the moment of our day – the chance to let everything go and behold what nature provides each of us every day.  And stand in awe!

For the next few days we are blessed to have opportunity to witness nature with our feet in the surf on the beautiful beaches of Los Barriles.  We won’t keep this to ourselves, we will post the next 30 Baja sunrises and 30 Baja sunsets to share will all of you.

Here is what we saw this morning…

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