Welcome to SAGA Tours

Connecting a few like-minded souls to share authentic travel experiences.

Our smaller than Small Group Tours take you on journeys not experienced any other way.  Why?  You are our guests & our tours are operated more like "a day in the life" than a "fixed itinerary tour".

Our goal is simple:  share a little bit more of than is offered by others, in a more connected, personal approach, exploring & adventuring with a select few like-minded travelers, & connecting them with the people of the local communities they visit.  We are an antidote to Tourism.

In a world full of shallow relationships and mindless consumption, we set out to create a small space to combat these forces.  We aim for deeper conversations, more meaningful connections, and immersion in culture with like-minded conscious adventurers.

If this sounds like you, then great, drop us your information below and we will notify you when our next 'smaller than small' group tour becomes available.  And if you can't imagine spending a week with sharing & listening & connecting with other like minded souls...thats ok too, but we would not recommend joining our email subscription.

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Stop!  Travelers Only!!  An open heart, an open mind, & a wanderlust for travel?  This might be your place.